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NOTCH08 | 10.1 - 10.5 | 北京 上海 广州 香港


NOTCH = NO(Nordic)+ CH(China)
NOTCH brings top-notch Nordic new music/art/life scene to Chinese audiences, so as to trigger and promote cultural exchange between the two.
NOTCH06 will take place in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou during the week of National Day holiday.
- all-stars lineup from 2 of the most recognizable Nordic labels, Jazzland and Smalltown Supersound
- more than 13 renowned musicians presenting cutting-edge music and visual art
- 4 new albums’ Asian premiere, ambient organ’s world premiere
- meet with label master at label booth on-site
- cordially supported by emerging local young musicians and artists
- 2 label graphic designers’ visual exhibition + workshop (Guangzhou)

NOTCH06 Line-up
Bugge Wesseltoft - leading figure in the European electro-jazz scene, founder of New Conception of Jazz and Jazzland Recordings, renowned jazz pianist and electronic musician
Eivind Aarset - One of the best “post-Miles” electronic jazz musicians, the most important Norwegian guitarist after Terje Rypdal
Audun Kleive - legendary drummer and jazz musician, one of the most active promoter for the Nordic jazz Nouvelle Vague
Mungolian Jet Set - led by DJ Strangefruit, a collective of the stellar vault of Future Jazz to present imaginary free flow and exotic music
Ola Kvernberg Trio - crazy violin, a mixture of bebop, folk-music-fiddling and modal jazz
Håkon Kornstad - leader of the noticeable band Wibutee, talented saxophonist and graphic designer for Jazzland
Frost - the best Scandinavian synth-pop vocal group
Mental Overdrive - One of the most important electronic musician of 1990s, the former “techno boffin” now for retro-futuristic sound
Kim Hiorthøy - The Nordic “Aphex Twin”,forefront of the neo electronic folk/jazz movement, highly acclaimed visual artist
Joakim Haugland - Founder of Smalltown Supersound label, mastermind behind the independent sound from Scandinavia

Dead J - key player of new generation of electronic music in China
IGO - the first electroclash and new wave group in China
Song Tao - new generation of visual/image artist in China
Chin Thom - new generation of experimental filmmaker, video artist in China
Po+Long2 - new generation of VJ duo in China
B6 - new generation of electronic musician, laptop dj, graphic designer in China
CY - new generation of electronic musician, visual culture promoter
Yerboli - new generation of folk singer, improviser

NOTCH = NOrdic(北欧)+ CHina(中国),旨在把最顶尖(top-notch)、最前沿的北欧音乐/艺术/生活现场呈现给中国观众,并促进两地交流。
NOTCH06 将于十一国庆黄金周在北京、上海、广州三城同时举行:
- 欧洲两大独立厂牌“爵士园”(Jazzland)与“小城大声”(Smalltown Supersound)全明星阵容访华;
- 十三位著名音乐人集体亮相,集中展示最新一代北欧顶尖音乐与视觉艺术;
- 四张全新专辑亚洲首发,氛围管风琴全球首演;
- 现场展台与厂牌近距离交流;
- 本土新生代乐手与艺术家加盟;
- 两位厂牌御用设计师的视觉艺术展加工作坊(广州)。

NOTCH06 阵容
Bugge Wesseltoft 欧洲电音爵士领军人物,“爵士园”厂牌创始人,著名爵士钢琴家
Eivind Aarset 最重要的“后Miles电子爵士”音乐家,Terje Rypdal后第二代北欧吉他大师
Audun Kleive 传奇鼓手与爵士音乐家,北欧爵士新浪潮的重要推手
Mungolian Jet Set 北欧著名DJ“奇异果”邀请“未来爵士”界各路精英加盟他的天马行空之旅
Ola Kvernberg Trio 北欧新生代演绎疯狂小提琴,糅合bebop与挪威民间音乐的现代爵士
Håkon Kornstad 新生代代表乐队Wibutee领导者,著名萨克斯风手和爵士园御用设计师
Frost 最出色的北欧synth-pop女声组合
Mental Overdrive 最重要的北欧中生代电音人,复古未来Techno研究专家
Kim Hiorthøy 北欧版Aphex Twin,新电音民乐运动前沿人物,极负盛名的青年视觉艺术家
Joakim Haugland “小城大声”厂牌创始人,北欧独立之声的代表人物与拓疆者

Dead J 中国新生代电子音乐势力的重要代表
IGO 中国第一个electroclash与新浪潮组合
宋涛 中国新生代视觉影像艺术家
覃岛 中国新生代实验电影人,录像艺术家
Po+Long2 中国新生代视频双人组
B6 中国新生代电子音乐人,笔记本DJ, 平面设计师
CY 中国新生代电子音乐人,影像文化推手
叶尔波利 新生代民谣歌手代表,即兴乐手


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